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 Best and Free keylogger needed..

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PostSubject: Best and Free keylogger needed..   Sun 12 Dec 2010 - 5:28

I heard about a software which records keystrokes and other computer activities..i need to download and install this software on my pc. So that i can know that what else is happening on my pc behind my back..

Can anyone please help..

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PostSubject: Keyloggers..   Sun 16 Jan 2011 - 2:17

The software is known as "Keyloggers"..

More elaboratly speaking:

Keloggers are basically of two types.

1. Software Keyloggers.

** Are detectable if you use a scanner(hard but not impossible)
** Can take screenshots at a set interval
** Unlimited memory (based on system HD)

2. Hardware keyloggers.

** Are undetectable by software scanners
** Can be unplugged but only if the user know what it is for
** Can capture keystrokes before the user logs on
** Can't take screenshots
** Limited Memory

I prefer hardware keyloggers but that is just my opinion. Software keyloggers are just as good.

You can search for 007, BFK, Adramax etc on Google..

or go to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


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Best and Free keylogger needed..
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