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 Facebook popular game "Mafia Wars"

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PostSubject: Facebook popular game "Mafia Wars"   Thu 9 Dec 2010 - 8:29

I need set of illegal documents , the problem is that i can not buy it and need to ask my friends. And they too are having hard time in finding that. Is there anyother way where i can get them..Also i dont have much Reward Points and not dumb enough to buy them with real Ca$h..
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PostSubject: Follow these instructions..   Thu 9 Dec 2010 - 13:10

To get Illegal Transaction Records:

** You must do the job called "Steal Bank Records", in the Capo Job tier. They are a random drop.

** You can also get Illegal Transaction Records from fighting. These are also a random drop.

** Also you need total number of 424 of these to complete New York level.

There were some Cargo quests that give you a 'load' of those or maybe the Untraceable Cellphones. You can send them as a gift, so ask a friend to send you some! I am not sure if they have jobs that give you them, but I am sure they have jobs that require those items.

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Facebook popular game "Mafia Wars"
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