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 New Folder Created In each Directory

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PostSubject: New Folder Created In each Directory   Mon 5 Jul 2010 - 15:17


my pc is suffering from new folder.
i tried many antivirus to remove it but it couldn't.

plz help me.

Is this a serious problem, i mean what is this , if i open any of these folders then they don't open. Why dont they open and also i noticed that all of the folder are of same size that is 603 kb.

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PostSubject: here's the solution Mr Aman   Mon 5 Jul 2010 - 15:31

Ok first of all aman i would like to tell you that those folder will not open because they are not folders (or directories), if you select any of these folders and then right click and go to properties then in the open box you can see that the fily type is "Application". Hence it will run or execute silently, will not open ...

Now about the solution:

First of all your system is infected by a virus named new folder virus or "iddono" . Its symptoms are following:

1. Task Manager Disabled.
2. Registory editor not working.
3. Folder Option from windows explorer tools is disabled.
4. Taking too much time for accessing pen drive.
5. Computer becomes very slow due to use of about half of your computers memory by this virus.

Most commonly this happens in pendrives/usb, but you have infected your system by it...

Any ways need not to worry...Always remeber the proverb:

"If you have a PROBLEM then there has to be a SOLUTION, if there is no solution then the problem does not EXIST"

Hence follow this and get rid of the virus and also restore your Deffault windows settings like task manager, registory editor etc.

Download Smart Virus Removal Tool from Here.

This will remove the virus and also there is a option button saying Restore Windows default setting . Click this button to restore yout task manager etc after removing the virus through this tool. Tell me if it works if not then we will use alternative 2.



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PostSubject: Great tool   Sat 11 Dec 2010 - 8:38

i tried this guys and really it works,


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PostSubject: Re: New Folder Created In each Directory   

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New Folder Created In each Directory
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