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 Flock the Best WebBrowser...

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PostSubject: Flock the Best WebBrowser...   Mon 28 Jun 2010 - 12:40

Flock is a great web browser and its free .... Can be downloaded from Here . Below are some features of this great web browser in brief:-

People Sidebar
Gather your friends from your favorite social networks (now including
Bebo) with you in the People Sidebar.

Add favorites sites to Flock with one Click. Save locally or to your
online bookmarking account.

Blog Editor
Compose blog posts while
online or offline with Flock's Blog Editor, then publish to your
favorite blogging platform when ready.

My World
Everything in Flock comes together
in one place: My World. Review your feeds, friend updates, favorites
and photo/videos updates.

Feed ReaderGet updates from your
favorite sites delivered directly to Flock's Feed Reader. Read when you
are ready: online or offline.

WebmailBe politely notified when you have
new mail waiting in your favorite webmail account.

Media BarQuickly find and browse photos
and videos from your favorite sites with the Media Bar.

Photo UploaderEdit and upload up to
1,000 photos to your favorite services with Flock's Photo Uploader

Web ClipboardCollect any link, text
or image for later use with Flock's Web Clipboard.

Performance and Security

Flock packs a punch. With the latest FireFox3 technology under the
hood, Flock’s award winning features deliver the best way to experience
the modern web.

Custom Themes & Extensions

Make Flock your own with our latest themes and extensions (or just
install your favorite Firefox extension).


L.O.D (Legion of Doom)
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Flock the Best WebBrowser...
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